Thursday, 15 July 2010

Paper/Card advice needed please

I need your help and advice please people.
As most of us do either stamping or digital stamping for our blog challenges, I would like to know which paper/card you print/stamp onto. 
The reason I ask this is because the paper I have used up till now isn't available at the stationers anymore.
The paper I have used up till now is made by IQ Mondi smooth white paper, 160 gsm.
This was perfect for my stamping/printing/colouring needs.
They have another 160 gsm paper there, but it doesn't seem the same as what I was using, in fact it feels much more flimsy than the previous paper I used.
Could you give me an idea what paper/card you all use please? And where you get it from?
I would appreciate your replies and advice please.
Thank you.


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